Saturday, November 15, 2008

Magic Kingdom

We were about to take off on Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. I was a little scared because Baby V had never been in a fast moving ride before.

The first time we plunged down, she squealed with delight. This is an action shot of her as the carpet ride dropped down. Check out her hair in the wind.

After riding Pirates of the Carribean, Uncle Den posed for a picture with Violet in a sombrero.

Baby V's first picture in front of Cinderella's castle.

Uncle Den, Violet, and I in front of the castle... however, you can't see the castle.

Uncle Golf, Aunt Jen, and little Bryce were also along for the ride. Poor Dad had to work. Again.

Baby V hits the Thai Temple.

A traditional Thai Buddhist game, Violet tries her hand (with assistance from Uncle Den) at predicting her future.

Violet offers the monks robes in lieu of the Buddhist occasion.

This is a picture of Violet's first trip to the Thai Temple. My my, we've come a long way.

UltraViolet's sidekick

After a long day of UltraViolet missions, she arrives at Yay's with her sidekick, Cabbage Patch Kid Horse.

UltraViolet is demonstrating the do's and don'ts of horse care. Do love your horse.

Don't muss his mane.

Violet Loves Beer?

Shannon threw her husband, Michael, a surprise birthday party. While we waited for Michael's arrival, Baby V decided to help herself to some beer.

Even though I swiped the beer from Baby V's clutches, we did manage a photo-op with Uncle Den before the beer was put back into the cooler.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

She stands now.

Monkey Girl (aka Baby V) can now stand... She still needs to hold onto stuff to help her balance... But she's officially a standing machine! It's crazy how fast she's progressing... The next phase is walking.


Hopefully she has Joe's musical abilities.

Daddy (on one of his rare days off) showing Baby V how to rock on the piano.

Our First Halloween

Skooter was a giraffe, Benson was a cow, and we all know that Baby V was a little duck. I hope that everyone had a Happy Halloween. Can't wait until Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Carving

Because this was a work thing, we carved our pumpkins with a sea/ocean theme. I helped very little in that I poked the holes for the coral reef. Everyone else did the cutting and carving.

Civic Duties

Violet's enthusiasm gleams after her first polling experience. We voted early (the Friday before the official voting day) and waited in line for an hour and 40 mins.

Preparing for the Winter

Yay thinks that she looks like a boxer ready to go into the ring. I think she looks ready to jump onto the back of a Skooter (ha ha, get it?!).