Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Day of Daycare

My mom went to Thailand for a month mid-Feb through mid-March. I had to take Violet to take daycare for only two of those days (thanks Linda, Monte, and Mimi!). This was a picture of her before I took her on the first day.

Note that she was happy when she left. She wasn't so happy when I picked her up. Also note that Shrek 2 is on in the background. For almost two months, all Violet wanted to watch was Shrek 2. Fortunately she's moved on as of last week-- the new movie is Finding Nemo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

About 34 Weeks Pregnant

This picture was taken Feb 12, 2010. I'm too pregnant to do the math but I think that I was about 34 weeks at that point.

Where's Skooter?

Violet trashed Joe and I's closet. I had to clean up and eventually found him. Can you spot Skooter?

She Loves her Chair and TV.


We went to a playdate at Jen's house. Violet was playing with some friends when, all of a sudden, she got mad at Juliet. She got so mad that she PULLED OUT A BIG TUFT of Juliet's pretty blond hair. Horrified, I took Violet and left the playdate.

Later that night, while watching Yo Gabba Gabba, Violet twirls around the living room and trips on a block, thus knocking her head on our brick fireplace. Blood and bruising ensue. She has a mark there for several weeks.

I try to explain karma to Violet but sadly, she's still too young.

Violet Loves her ATV.

So this was a Christmas gift from Loong Den but when she rode it for the first time, she was TERRIFIED of it. By January, she would ride on it but wouldn't press the button to make it go herself. Here she is, happily sporting the ATV with her daddy.

Boys Working Hard

Getting ready for Violet 2.0, Loong Den visited one weekend in January to help close in the den and convert it to a bedroom for Yai! Yey! We officially live in a 4 bedroom house now!!

Sleeping with her Blablas.

Someone Got Her Nose Into Something.

Brown noser with Pa Gai.

Violet's First Self-Portrait

Note the scratch that she has between her eyes. Grumpy kitty Tuesday decided to let her have it after Violet cornered him at my brother's house. Violet didn't cry or make a sound at all. She wasn't bothered by it. My brother and I were-- Tuesday was thus banned from the living room until we left for Orlando.

Christmas Day 2009

Showing off the Frogina Backpack that Mimi bought Violet. One day, she will be old enough to want to carry it.

Violet giving her daddy her best big girl smile while modeling Finn's new writing desk!

Will, Maddie, and Kate showing the little kids how gift opening is done :).

Finn demonstrating proper lounging skills on Violet's new armchair.

Visiting Santa Claus at Downtown Disney

Last year, Violet LOVED Santa... this year, not so much. She usually loves men but I guess Santa and his jolliness were too much for Baby V to handle. Santa invited both Joe and I on his lap to take the picture. All I could say to Santa was, "I'm sorry I weigh so much," and smile for the picture.

This is What Happens When Violet Goes to Yai's House for a Few Days.

That's right, that's permanent marker on her cheek.

Holiday Excitement

Joe's side of the family gets together every year to celebrate the Holidays. Here's a picture of just some of the fun!

Aunt Kathy is helping Violet with her gift. What could it be?

Why stacking blocks of course! She LOVES to stack and organize.

Our Family LOVES Dessert.

Rare Moments

As they get older and their personalities mature and develop, they're almost getting along. Here is a rare moment of the cousins sharing some flowers that Finn picked for Mimi over the holidays.

Pregnancy Update

I'm officially 38 weeks pregnant now. My doctor has scheduled an induction for this Thursday, March 25. If the baby doesn't come on her own, at least I have the piece of mind knowing that she'll be here by Thursday :). I hate playing the waiting game.

We're pretty much all ready to go. My hospital bags are packed, the crib is ready, the carseat is clean, etc. We just wait now. So stand-by. Hopefully something exciting will happen sooner than later :).