Sunday, September 25, 2011

Asleep at the High Chair

She's Cute and She Knows It.

We used to walk... a lot!

Every day, we would walk around our neighborhood. The girls loved it. Usually one of them always fell asleep. It was Violet's turn today.

I Love My Silly Family

Natalie started to sit up and life with an infant became significantly easier. I loved the "independence" she had. Just throw a few toys in front of her and she was content :).

I think that this was attempt number 2 at potty training. We weren't successful this time around.

Violet used to have a plastic splash pad that came with these star fish rings. Violet thought they would make good hats... so thus...

My Last Team Builder at the Brevard Zoo

It was nice working for Animal Programs because every team builder usually dealt with Disney or animals. We got to go kayaking and see all the animals around the park.

I got to feed a giraffe too!

Saying Good-Bye to Old Friends at Pinkberry

A few months before we moved to Atlanta, a Pinkberry opened moments away from our house. The family and I tried to capitalize on this opportunity whenever we could. As we were saying good bye to our friends, we used Pinkberry as a central meeting place to enjoy our yogurt and spend with great company.

Chris is one of Joe's co-workers. Kim is his wife and Darwin is Natalie's betrothed. They both have video-gaming daddies and bald heads. It was a match made in heaven.

Violet's post-sugar and yogurt self-portrait.

Just Another Day at Home

Me and the Happy Bald One.

HAPPY with Daddy.

Hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed drinking out of Mommy's cup.

Visiting time!

My brother lived an hour away from us and would come visit us often. Here he is with my mom. I told my mom to make her eyes big so we could see them for the picture :).

One of mom's friends, Pa'Tu. We've actually seen Pa'Tu in Thailand, Tampa, Orlando, and Atlanta. She's a great traveler.

This is one of my cousins, P'Maam. Who doesn't want to hold a bald baby?

There she goes!

Playdate at Downtown Disney

One of the very few things that I remember about this play date was that it was HOT. It was VERY, VERY hot. But I guess that's FL in August...

I took these pictures before Beth and her son, Evan, came. Today was Violet's first attempt at climbing a rock wall all by herself and one of my first outings with two kids where I felt *comfortable.*

After Beth and Evan came, we got the chance to tag along with them to their hotel room at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. It has to be one of my favorite hotels on property because it's awesome!! It has animals, a huge pool with a slide and an awesome playground for the kids. And great food. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Perk Working for Disney World

As a team builder on 8/24/10, we went fishing at Disney World's 7 Seas Lagoon. We had three different fishing boats and got to spend a few hours fishing for trout. It was the first time that I remember fishing (supposedly I used to go when I was 3 or 4 years old with Pa Tao). It was awesome. We had a great time.

You can see the Contemporary Hotel in the background.

This was one of the other two boats.

Me, posing with the fishing pole, pretending that I was an experienced fisherman.

My first catch!!

My second catch!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Epcot with Auntie Sylvia

Hanging out in the double stroller going to Epcot. Thank goodness we got a double stroller because whatever Natalie was sitting in, Violet better be sitting in it too.

Violet looking at the birds at Epcot.

Violet was dancing on the musical light-up squares at the Figment ride.

Yai came to Epcot too!

Natalie was an angel the entire day.

Violet colored a mask at the Kidcot booths all around Epcot. We were in Japan. The Kidcot booths are sponsered by Sharpie. Though, I personally don't think that it's such a great idea to have young kids playing with Sharpie Permanent Markers... Maybe that's just me.

In order to get Violet to ride in the stroller so we could go home, I busted out my secret weapon-- the lollipop. She was so tired that she fell asleep with the lollipop in her mouth :).

A Jaunt to Mimi's

After our day at the Fl Aquarium, we stopped by Mimi's house to say hello!

Maddie and Kate were there too so we all go to hang out :).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Auntie Sylvia Visits for the 2nd Time!

Every time Sylvia comes to visit, I have a new 4 or 5 month old kid. The last time she came, Violet was a wee tot. We were still living in our town home in Orlando. Now she visited us in our new-to-her Sebago home. We love that Auntie Sylvia makes the trip all the way from San Diego to meet new members of the Russo Team. Introducing-- Natalie! The most mellow baby on the face of this Earth. She's also bald. Have I mentioned that before?

We went to the Florida Aquarium. Here is Sylvia teaching Violet about all the aquatic animals.

Does Natalie want milk from the mermaid?!

And here is Auntie Sylvia, showing Violet how important equestrian skills are in life.

During Auntie Sylvia's trip, we learned news that would change our Orlando lifestyle forever. Daddy was laid off of his job in Orlando. This was the 2nd round of lay-offs and it sounded like the company was going to close it doors very soon.... Fortunately he hated his job. Fortunately our family was very supportive of our transition. AND, thankfully Daddy was already in talks with a company in Atlanta, GA. And thus, a new chapter in our lives was just beginning.

A Quick Day Trip To Tampa

8-6-2010 Loong Den got into a car accident and we drove to Tampa for the day to bring him some paperwork.

We had lunch and then headed to the International Mall so Violet could run around and be crazy before we got back into the car to head back to Orlando.

She was born with a mullet.

Here is the mullet she was born with...

Here is the mullet after a quick trim.

Playdate with Aubrey and Juliet

Getting ready to play Super Babies!

Juliet is the true super hero here. The cape and mask that Violet and Natalie sport were on loan from the masked hero.

Infant Super Baby!