Sunday, August 28, 2005

Our rescue dog, Skooter

Imagine this cute dog scooting around on his butt (in a twirling motion) on the cement with his back legs sticking straight up in the air. My neighbor refers to his scooting as an "ass-fault." He'll scoot on asphalt, grass, cement, carpet (new and old), and dirt.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Week of Changes Part Two

I had my student teaching orientation earlier this week. I found out that I will be placed with a first grade class for the first half of the semester and a third grade class for the second half of the semester. I am so excited!

Week of changes

While I was out shopping for my "wedding dress" last weekend with Sharon (my mother-in-law), I remembered that I had a skirt that I needed to return at Abercrombie and Fitch. I was at the counter waiting on a sales girl when out-of-the-blue, she offered me a job. I told her that I couldn't because I was going to teach soon. Then I paused, told her how much I would love a discount and said that if I did work, I would only be able to work once or twice a month. I was saying that sort of kidding around because who really wants employees that work less than 24 times an entire year? Well, Abercrombie does. So I had my interview yesterday and ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa! I am the newest employee of A&F.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We're married!

That's right. Joe and I decided to have a civil ceremony at the County Clerk's Office on Monday instead of a big ole' wedding. We'll have said wedding when we're more financially stable. It'll probably be 5-15 years from now... hopefully by then we'll have a house, new cars, and maybe some kids. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I love New York.

I love New York. It's a great city. You never who you're going to meet.

Case in point: I was waiting for the train to pick me up to take me to Union Square. I was going to meet Felino for a cup of coffee. The scenario: It had just been the hottest day of the summer and it was currently the hottest evening as well. I waited for the (underground) train (I called them Metros in DC but that's tooo passe' to say to a New Yorker) and start to sweat. I sweat fairly easily and it was really hot. I tried to stay cool using my hand to fan my face when a family of three stops right next to me to wait too. The mother immediately starts to rifle through her purse. Apparently she saw how sweaty I was and was looking for some paper so she could help fan me. She looks at me and says, "Are you on your way to a date?" ha ha. What a good natured woman. I politely said no and explained that I was on my way to meet up with a friend. It didn't matter how I looked. :)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Last minute trip to New York

I love New York City. Ever since I was a child, my mother and I took annual shopping trips to NYC. My mother, an ex-Manhattenite, likes to go back to visit old friends and most importantly-- shop. Sometimes I wish that my parents hadn't relocated to Florida when they laid down their roots, but what can I say, they could have laid down roots in Kansas. I am thankful for what I have.
Anyways, since my move to San Diego, my mother and I's annual trip hadn't happened for two years... Until this week. Woo hoo! I found out my (tentative) student teaching schedule on Tuesday. The schedule basically told me that this upcoming week was the only time I had to take a short trip with my mother. I called her, asked her if she could go. Then, within 2 hours flat, we had our tickets, I quit my job at the restaraunt and my mom found someone to mind the store in her absence. I love it.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Allergies are in the air.

So, it's been a little over a month since we added Skooter to our humble family. Life has been peachy for the dogs. Benson and Skooter get along so well. They wrestle and play chase all the time. When Skooter gets tired, he'll run underneath the bed and pray that Benson won't follow. And of course, Skooter still scoots. Took him for a re-checkup earlier this week. They suspect that allergies are the culprit to his scooting fits.

Speaking of allergies, I recently found out from my allergist that I am allergic to three things, 1) cats (which I knew), 2) grass ( I kinda guessed this when I developed "seasonal" allergies this year), and 3) dogs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am allergic to my own dogs. My doctor asked me if giving them away was an option and I politely responded with a "hell no." So now I am adapting to life as a woman with (positive) allergies. It's been draining (I clean ALL the time) but hey, what can I do? I love my dogs too much that I won't let hives stop me (it's not as bad as it sounds).