Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We're on our way to Atlanta to visit Great-Grandma (GGM), Grandpa, and family! :)

GGM with all of her great grandkids! Everyone got a crisp dollar bill for every year of life.

Violet, you should be happy! GGM gave you a whole dollar and you're not even a year old yet!

Finn loves his GGM.

GGM is a healthy 94 year old woman!! Look she can hold both kids!

Memorial Day Weekend Fun (cont.)

Good thing we made it to Atlanta sooner than later-- Uncle Chris and Aunt Jenny would be in London if we waited any longer!!

Happy 29th Birthday Daddy! So glad that Great-Grandma baked a yummy chocolate cake :).

I went to use the restroom, came back, and this is what I saw. Gaming just might be in her DNA.

Violet is thinking, "Don't come close to me or I'll punch you!! I LOVE sleeping in this swing."

(Please note that she seems to be ambidextrous. She's ready to punch with either hand.)

Atlanta was fun but we had to come back home at some point!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eight-Nine Weeks

Violet is growing up!! Ladies and Gentlemen, my little (err... not soo little) one is growing up. She had her two month pediatrician appointment this past Wednesday and it was so hard on me. Who knew? She got four shots (ouch! but thank-god the nurse was speedy) and some liquid medication. She was fine when we got back home. She took a nap and nursed-- as usual... until 3pm hit. I think that the pain from the shots and wooziness from the drugs started to hit her. She was so unhappy and crying that loud cry like, "What happened to me?" We ended up giving her some Children's Tylenol that calmed her down. Thank god.

Her pediatrician was able to tell us that Violet is now 13.3 lbs and 24 inches long (that's 2 feet!!)! Holy moly. Our child is in the 95th percentile for height AND weight for children her age. HA HA. Joe and I have a jumbo baby. I figured that the picture above was a good illustration of just how large our baby is. Uncle Den made a good point and said that at least she was 95% in both height and weight and it wasn't skewed one way or another. She's gaining proportionately.... for now. My obstetrician said, "Whoa! She came out big and is staying big!" That's my girl.

I actually took the picture because I thought that it was a funny sleeping position.

Still practicing the Heisman... but she does it with a tiny smile now.

Uncle Jonathan came from Chicago to visit the wee one!! We tried to take her outlet shopping but the FL heat was too much for her. She lasted about an hour before we threw in the towel and called it a day.

Auntie Karen came and visited too!! She's a newlywed and so we were super excited that she had time (even if it was for a few hours) to stop by and say hello!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New things that have been happening...

1. My brother and I had to put down my childhood dog Pepsi this past Saturday. He was 16 years old. :( He had a good life of chasing squirrels, pigeons, and raccoons. I like to think that he's in a world with plenty of small rodents placed there specifically for his chasing pleasure.

2. Violet is now sleeping through the night. She started doing this around 6 weeks. I didn't want to post anything about it because I didn't want to "jinx" it. Let's hope it sticks!! She'll go to bed between 9:30pm-10:00pm and will sleep until 5:00am-7am. It's been awesome... especially for me. Though, with that said, last night she woke up night at 2am... so we'll see.

3. I have been applying for positions to work in Orange County Public Schools... I don't know if I am going to get any jobs because the county has declared a "hiring freeze" due to budget cuts. Any open positions get first priority to the teachers whose jobs have been axed because there are just no funds. Just my luck... going from one budget deprived county to another.

4. We celebrated my first Mother's Day! Woohoo! We went over to April's for family fun time and bonding :). Where there is Violet and Finn, there are pictures. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finn vs. Violet

And the battle begins. Violet has learned Finn's "elbow" technique!! It's neck and neck!!

Ohh! Violet tries to get some leverage with her elbow under his arm! It looks like she's trying to push him away!!

A swat on Finn's head by Violet!!

Finn is holding strong!! Violet starts to get frustrated!!

Finn wins and seems only slightly upset by Violet's battle moves!! Violet seems clearly distressed by her loss.

Oh little one, patience is a virtue. You can learn this lesson from your cousin Finn-- he is unphased and deemed the winner of this battle.

Seven-Eight Weeks (cont)

This was our first trip to Mimi (Joe's mom) and Pop's brand new, recently completed house!

Aww... twins in their matching Lacoste shirts.

Celebrating Mother's Day at Auntie April's.

Seven-Eight Weeks

Happy baby grew some cheeks!!

An action shop of Violet chillin on the Sweet Peace.

Only my daughter likes to be held on her stomach, legs dangling to sleep. I thought children want to be held gingerly... Apparently Violet likes to stray from the norm.

Hug me!

Yay and Violet enjoying nap time :).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Six-Seven Weeks

This past week has been Violet's most alert and expressive week yet! Not only is she smiling and recognizing voices and faces, but she's awake for more hours during the daytime. Needless to say, Joe and I have taken full advantage of the fact that she's awake and that's why there are a TON of pictures to document this incredible milestone.

KC, these pix are for u.

Thanks to Aunt Kacey, Violet has the most kickin' footwear. Here's just a sample of the badass-ness that adorn her lovely feet.

The socks look like little shoes!! These are red ballet flats with a floral "strap."

And again, I don't know how to rotate pictures but take note of the cute bunnies on her booties.

Six-Seven Weeks (cont.)

Pa'First came to Orlando just to spend time with Violet this weekend. The next time she visits her niece, Violet will probably be in the crawling/walking phase!

She's got her beanie on and is ready to go out on a walk with mom, dad, and the puppies.

Even in Yai's arms, Violet likes to sleep with her hands by her face.

Tummy Time is enjoyable in short spurts. We happened to capture one of the rare moments.

You can't see it but Violet is actually making funny faces at me. Daddy was taking the picture.

Joe and I think this picture is hilarious. This picture simply doesn't need a caption. It speaks for itself.

More tummy time fun!

Violet had her first official "social" outing yesterday. Joe and I were invited to his co-workers apartment for a BBQ. We dressed Violet in some of her best clothes (please note the awesomeness of the tomato pockets) and took these pictures before we left.

She's loving life, swinging her arms around in the air.

Happy Violet discovers her wide range of arm movements.

Check me out!

Practicing her arm signals in case her turning lights ever malfunction on her car. It's never too early to practice safety.

I love this little girl soo much.