Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 Week Old

People think that Natalie looks more like Joe than me. My genes seem to be VERY recessive.

Proud Papa with his newest little girl.

Proud Mama... Man, I look tired.

Cookie Bouquet

One of the great perks of having a baby? Why the cookie bouquet of course!

Violet is a proud big sister. :)

Natalie's First Day at Home

Natalie loves to be swaddled. Look what happens when she's not swaddled.


Swaddled. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Natalie Meets the Rest of Her Crazy Family :)

She meets Loong Den. He better try to eat her up sooner than later because she's going to be a mouthful! :)

Natalie and her Mimi :).

Natalie and her Yai Yai :).

Who's foot is that? It can only be Natalie!

Violet tried to get a closer peek at her little sister.

Violet Meets Natalie.

Violet LOVED her little sister from the get-go. My brother was watching Violet downstairs in the hospital lobby when I delivered Natalie. Moments after she was born, they came up and met little Nat Attack for the first time. Violet kept called her, "Baby!" and "Nat-lees."

I like the look on Violet's face in this picture. It's as if she's thinking, "I need to be quiet. I know that babies are sensitive to sound." :)

It's as if Violet knew that she couldn't climb on my lap. She stayed on the chair and laughed and giggled and smiled as she caught glimpses of her little sis for the first time.

Natalie's Birthday

I loved before I saw her. I loved her even more after I met her :).

Natalie is getting her first physical exam. She passed!

She was way smaller than Violet coming in at 7 lbs 2 ounces.

Hooray for me on having a smaller baby than V! Delivery of Natalie was a breeze. We were at the hospital by 3am. I was hooked up to pitocin by 6am. I was ready to push by 10:15am and at 10:28am, my littlest one is born!! :)

My little boxer baby :).

Hanging Ten in the Backyard with Daddy

For a small window of 5 days, Violet let us put pigtails in her hair. She loved her pigtails so much that she hated taking showers (highly unusual) because we had to take her pigtails out. Something happened after day #5 and she doesn't like them again. *sigh*

Here Violet playing in her sandbox that she got for her birthday. She had a small window of 2 weeks to play with the sandbox before a) it got too hot and b) the mosquitoes weren't out in full force. In the fall Sandbox, we will play with you again.

Here Violet is helping her Daddy out with some fun measurements. She's a great little helper.

Animal Kingdom

Back in February, First & Emerson came and visited us in Orlando. It was Violet's first time meeting Em and she had a ball. We went to the Animal Kingdom one day and Violet had the best time identifying all the animals that they had.


"Turtle!" She was particularly enthusiastic about this long-necked turtle. She stood for at least 15 minutes saying, "Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!"

Here is our group shot with Rafiki at the Conservation Station :).