Thursday, December 04, 2008

Working off the extra Thanksgiving calories.

The puppies had a treat on Thanksgiving because they got to eat turkey! Most of you know that Joe and I don't feed our dogs table scraps or people food-- but it was our first Thanksgiving that we've been in Tampa (technically Brandon, we were over at Joe's mother's house). They were deserving of a treat! :)

Ana B was dubbed the personal trainer of the dogs. This is them on a break from their intense workout.

Will ate most of all. So we put him on the swing set. Burn those calories. Swing those legs.

Will is a size large.

Medium Maddie ate too-- but not nearly as much!

Small Kate ate so much that she couldn't even crack a smile.

Extra-small Violet over-indulged at the feast that her belly barely allowed the swing to snap shut.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Post Thanksgiving dinner, the babies decided that it was time to "play."

Please note how subdued they seem. You know you've been to a great Thanksgiving dinner when everyone, including the babies, are ready to take a nap.

Taking Turns with Baby V

Give me all of your money Baby V! Oh wait, she doesn't have any pockets for the change to fall out. She lucked out this time...

Getting ready for bath-time fun!

Posing with Daddy. We figured that we needed to get these pictures of her while we can. She's going to resist "diaper only" pictures in a matter of time.