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"Sit Nat-lees"

BFF 5/22/10

I just loved these pictures.

Beth, one of the bridesmaids, let Violet hold her bouquet at the end of the wedding ceremony. The pictures that I got from Violet holding the bouquet are some of my favorites!

Jenny and Jeremy's Wedding

They got married right on the water. We sat in the back right corner so Violet could play in the sand. We sat behind Tara and Bill. Tara has a star tattoo on her back. Violet took one look at Tara's back and said, "Stars. Stars. STARS! Mole." I nearly lost it. Thank-goodness Tara has children of her own and good sense of humor!

The happy couple before they became Mr. and Mrs.

After the ceremony, Violet discovered the battery operated fan that I brought and used the wind to her advantage. She was so excited to see the fan move on it's own.

Natalie was in the sling and slept the entire ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding and the best part for us was that the girls were so tired by the time we made it to the reception that they both stayed asleep the entire time we were there. We actually got a chance to be adults without having the worry about our kids. Thanks for giving your mom and dad a break!

At Smathers Beach

Awaiting wedding festivities, we decided to take the family and hang out on the beach. Here is our group shot.

Violet had her daddy run to the ocean to get water so they could build sand castles. Violet didn't care for the ocean.

Violet hanging out with Daddy, her new buddy Liam, and Liam's grandmother. You can see our hotel in the background. We stayed at the Sheraton Suites and we LOVED it!

This was our beach set-up. The pop-up tent and umbrella were borrowed from Jen, our neighbor. Thanks Jen!

Fun fact about our trip: Our second night at the hotel, Natalie slept through the entire night! I was startled when I woke up in the morning before she did. Thankfully, one of the wedding guests was a pediatrician so I quizzed him to make sure that Natalie was well and healthy. She was. It was a miracle, our 7 1/2 week old was sleeping through the night!!

Key West Part II

Violet refuses to nap in the hotel room so we decided that we would go out for lunch. Of course, as soon as we got into the car, Sleeping Violet knocked out.

Natalie slept too... but she always sleeps.

This is where we parked and we had lunch around the corner at a place called Cafe Pepe. Best. Grouper. Sandwich. Ever.

Later on Night #1 at the Hotel Pool

Violet is crazy! She loves the water and will jump in her Daddy's arms while he wades in the pool.

Natalie and I hung out poolside watching the crazies.

Natalie meets my shopping buddy from San Diego, Amanda. She came all the way to the keys from San Diego with her husband, Kelsey (beer brewer extraordinaire but more on that in a different post). Natalie was quite comfy with Amanda.

Violet hanging out with the groom.

What is more perfect than throwing a football on the beach? A good beer. Oh wait, she's a minor.

Key West Part I

May 13, 2010- We arrived at our hotel across the street from Smather's Beach in Key West. Festivities were already under way for Jenny and Jeremy's wedding. We unloaded the car and walked across. Violet LOVED the beach. She also loved people kite surfing. Here she is running after the kites. Joe kept looking over at me like, "Should I run after her?" I said, "No. She'll come back after 30 feet or so."

Needless to say more than 100 feet later, Joe goes tearing down the beach to catch up with Violet.

Here is Joe pouncing on her so we don't lose her to the island.

My attempt at trying to get a good photo for the birth annoucement.

Needless to say, I ran out of time and didn't like any of the pictures enough. Thus, I never sent out birth announcements. Be prepared because Christmas is right around the corner. You'll get a Christmas card instead :).

Hanging Out with Natalie at her crib.

For the first few months of Natalie's little life, she had to sleep in her bouncy chair because Violet kept bringing home germs. They both had runny noses and were congested. It was easiest to have Natalie sleep in her bouncy chair so the fluids could drain.

Violet LOVED coming into our bedroom and climbing into Natalie's crib to keep Nat company and play with Nat's dolls.

Oh, she found the pacifiers again! Double sucking (well, Violet would actually chew on them). She's one talented kid.

To reiterate that Natalie likes to be swaddled.



Sara visits too!


Packed up and ready to go.

Old friends coming to meet Natalie

Auntie Carmelina is Violet's mother-in-law. She wanted to meet Giovanni's sister-in-law.

Mandy and Josh also have a potential boyfriend, Luke, for Violet as well. They needed to make sure that the genes in our family are good. They came to verify. Mandy is pregnant now too-- with a boy! Woo hoo! Maybe Natalie will be a cougar and she can be Bop's (Luke's name for his little unborn brother) significant other.

Old college roommates, plus two. Man, we've come a long way, huh?

Annie from work came to visit Natalie too!

Lisa from work stopped by too!