Wednesday, July 23, 2008

High Chair

Joe and I decided that Violet liked rice cereal enough to warrant the purchase of a new high chair. Here she is checkin out the cool gadgets and gizmos.

The toy is actually attached to the tray. If you spin the turtle or press the lizard, the base of the tree lights up and plays Caribbean inspired music. Makes me want to take a cruise!

She's mesmerized by the music.

Replace the high chair with a piano and we just might have a little concert pianist on our hands.

Her first real meal on high chair. Note the tiny bowl of rice cereal on her tray.

She's excited! She knows food time is here!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Eating Solids

On Friday, Baby V had her VERY FIRST taste of "real food". When I say" real food", I mean mushy rice cereal.

Open wide Baby V.

Hmm... I wonder if she likes it...

"I want more. I can't get enough. I must supplement with my fingers until Father hurries up with the next spoonful of goodness."

A dutiful father feeds his firstborn.

It's Yay's turn now! Baby V is getting the hang of this! She's just kickin' it back and relaxin' now!

So what's the verdict?

"Finger lickin' good."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Showing off her ears...

"Skooter, look at my earrings."

"Do you like them Benson?"

I figured that I would throw in some pictures of the dogs just in case you were wondering how they're doing. They're adjusting great to having a new little sister in the house.


At our 4 month check-up today, we made the decision to get Violet's ears pierced after I learned that our FAVORITE nurse was the one who would do it.

Violet is now in the 90%-ile for her height (25.5 in) and 75 %-ile for her weight (14.6 lbs).

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fourth of July Festivities in Boca Grande (part 4)

My favorite picture of the two of us yet.

Fourth of July is hilarious.

Family Picture

Fourth of July Festivities in Boca Grande (part 3)

In an attempt to calm down Violet from one of her rants, Mimi put Violet's feet in the pool. To our surprise, she loved the cold water. April had an extra swim diaper so we strapped it on Violet and put her in.

This week I decided to buy Violet her own swimsuit and set of swim diapers. I'll post those pictures up next week!! :)

Fourth of July Festivities in Boca Grande (part 2)

Finn was telling the most fabulous story, when Violet interrupted. Violet said, "I heard something."

"Finn, did you fart?"

"No! Ha ha ha!! SYKE!! It was me!!"

Fourth of July Festivities in Boca Grande (part 1)

Violet's saying, "Why can't I go fishing with Daddy? It's not fair." Finn was content hanging out at home with the ladies.

"But I want to go FIIIISHIIIIING!!!!!!"

"Hold me Finn."

Finn can't imagine what it must be like to be born a girl. He's thinking to himself right now, "Girls are complicated and emotional... You expect me to marry one THESE when I grow up?"

Monday, July 07, 2008


So why are we house hunting? Our landlord (scam-artist extraordinare) apparently bought 8 townhouse units in our community (among many others). He took out "loans" from several banks and never paid any of his mortgages or HOA fees. He just sat back, collected rent, and is now being forced to foreclose on all of the places he bought... our place is one of them.

At first our attorney said that we had until the end of the year to move out... but now our landlord has to face federal court. This means his case will be expedited because he has no defense... We might have another 2-3 months in our townhouse before the bank makes us move out. SOO-- we need to find a house. F.A.S.T.

I am excited about buying a house. Joe and I almost became home-owners while we were living in San Diego. We wanted to buy this cute condo in Rancho Bernardo... But something in Joe's gut said that we weren't ready to make that step yet... Good thing too because I think that condo would have gone up in flames with the Witch Creek Fires last October.