Thursday, July 30, 2009

The last of the 4th of July pictures

Group shot of all the cousins with their matching outfits. I LOVE this picture because of the looks on Finely's and Maddie's face. They're almost identical smiles!! :) Too cute.

the big kids (left to right--Maddie, Will, and Kate)

Violet doesn't understand what poses we want her to stay in. She's gesturing, "Wah?"

Apparently Violet thought we told her to relax. No little girl, we're still taking pictures.

Finley's handsomeness can only be captured in short increments of time. This is him gesturing to us that we are done for the day! :) Great work kids!!

We've come a long way. Can't wait till next year.

Thanks to the Richerts!

Thanks to Auntie April and Uncle Bart (who are seasoned and thoughtful parents), Violet had a dress that matched all of her cousins!! We took a ton of pictures to try to get one decent shot. This was the winning shot on my camera. April, maybe you have other ones?

I thought that I would include an outtake. Modeling isn't all fun and games :).

I'm on a Boat.

As a 4th of July treat, Mimi and Pop took us out on one of their many boats. This was Violet's first official boat ride. She wasn't afraid.

We all spent the 4th in Boca Grande. Mimi and Pop's house is right off a canal that leads into the Gulf. It's a great vacation home :). There Joe and I are with April and Mimi.

There's Bartlet and Finlet.

Maddie and Kate are multi-tasking-- modeling their 4th of July swimsuits AND the cabin of the boat.

The kids decided to cool off with some play action on the water table.

4th of July Weekend

"Hey Finley, what do you say we get changed into our matching jammies?"

"Yey!! Finley, You're looking awfully handsome. It's time for our fashion show. Are you ready?"

"Work it!"

"Work it!"

"Nice moves Finley!! Here we come Milan!! Does Children Place have a show there?"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Violet's Water Table

Violet has been discovering the many properties of water... mainly in the dog water bowl (yes, I know that it can be worse, lately I've caught her eyeing the toilet). In an attempt to avenge any further exploration, I ordered her a water table with some of my birthday money! She LOVES it.

This was our first "run" with the water table. Notice that she's in not in a swimsuit (big shout out to BFF Sophie in SD for the slammin lady bug outfit!)... Needless to say, Violet was SOAKED by the time we were all done.

Note to self-- swimsuit + water table = quicker drying baby.

Loong Kit and Pa Carmen meet Violet!

It had been years since I saw Kitt and Carmen, so naturally, they hadn't met Violet or visited our Orlando home... Until June 20th! :) We were so excited to hear about Carmen's sorority convention in Orlando that we promised them a good time while they were here :).

Unfortunately, Violet was having a reaction to her MMR shot and was a little more antsy and whiney than usual. I was apologetic but Violet was able to show her true colors by the last day of their stay. We had a fun time. Come back and visit soon!