Monday, June 30, 2008

She has her mom's genes. She likes to sleep.

Weekend Fun

Violet's thinking, "You want me to do what?"

Uncle Den brought Aunt Jen, Uncle Golf, and little Bryce to meet Violet!! We had a great time and drove around the neighborhood to look at some houses. Oh yea, more on why we're house-hunting in another post ;).

Uncle Den's toes are much bigger than Baby V's toes. Uncle Den said that it looked like his big toe sprouted toe-lets.

Baby V loves her big girl chair.

Hanging out with Uncle Den. His arm is getting much better so he can hold her now!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back at the University of Florida

On our way back down from GA, we stopped by Gainesville to grab a bite to eat. If you can recall, I was with Joe, Violet, his sister and her entire family. We were eating burritos at Moe's. I was holding Violet when a young college guy came up to me and asked me if I needed help at the salsa station. I politely told him that I didn't need any help. He looked at me and said, "You guys are like the only REAL people here. You guys have families!!"

I smiled at him and said, "You're going to be a REAL person soon enough." Then I remembered how our college days seem just like yesterday... but they really weren't.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yummy Cakes in San Diego

I have a friend who is just starting off her cake making business in San Diego. She baked Joe and I a yummy chocolate cake to celebrate our pregnancy before we moved to Orlando. She's got a blog of all the cakes and cupcakes that she's made-- the owl cupcakes are my favorite. You can contact her through her website or you can call me. I have her information :).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Finn vs. Violet Round Three

Not so much "matches" these days, more like friendly gatherings.

Violet got dressed up all pretty for Finley's big baptism day. We weren't able to make the formal church ceremony but were on hand to celebrate the festivities at Mimi's and Pop's.

Finley's face said it all, "Man, I wanted a piece of that chocolate cake Violet! I mean, MY NAME was written on the cake. You deserve a piece too. Don't you feel cheated?" Violet concurred.

Maybe the adults dropped some crumbs on the floor.

That's when Violet came up with a plan... Violet whispered, "I'll call someone over and swipe the cake while you distract them with your drool."

Violet said in her baby talk, "Hey yooou with the chocolate cake-- why don't you come over here?"

She cooed, "We're pretty darn cute to look at."

"WAAAA!! No one is falling for our tricks." Finely screamed, "I had to wear a dress for nothing."

Finley's Baptism

Violet met her Aunt Susie (the youngest of Mimi's three sisters) on Sunday. She loved this game of horsey.

Chillin on the sofa with Aunt Shirley (Mimi's sister), Finley, Mimi, Madi, and Aunt Sandy (Mimi's sister) after the reception clean-up! We love family gatherings!

Sunday Morning

At least three times a day, Baby Violet and I walk the puppies around the neighborhood. This past Sunday morning, we thought that it would be a good idea to stop and smell the flowers that were blooming by the pool. I picked a flower and tucked it behind little V's ear. She loved her flower so much that we kept it there all morning.

Uncle Den being a goof-ball wearing Violet's hat.

Activity Center

I remember the day that this activity center arrived at our door. Auntie Karen and Uncle Danny bought this as a baby shower gift (among many, many other things) when I was still pregnant. I remember thinking to myself-- the day will never come when Violet is old enough to hang out in this activity center. I honestly believed that I was going to stay pregnant the rest of my life.

Man, time sure does fly, huh.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flipping Over

Oh yes! We've hit another milestone. During our yoga class, Violet flipped over from her back to her stomach for the first time. My baby girl is growing up soo fast.

Since then, she's been practicing her flip but usually finds that her arms get in the way. ha ha. This morning, she flipped from her stomach to her back. AHH.

She's going to be going out on dates before I know it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mommy & Me Yoga

Yesterday I decided to take Violet to our first Mommy & Me yoga class. It's a yoga class for postpartum women who want to stretch but don't want to leave their babies at home. During the class, you're more than welcome to nurse your child, change diapers, have a cooing baby or even a crying baby. It's an open atmosphere with lots of moms.

Susan, the yoga instructor, started the class by volunteering her arms to hold your baby if your baby was taking up more of your time than yoga. Violet did a great job for the first third of the class. Susan noticed Violet's fussiness and scooped her up to allow me to do some stretches. Instantaneously, Violet was in yoga heaven. She was in love with Susan. As Susan walked up and down the room checking out the different yoga poses of the different moms, Violet dangled from her arm with the biggest smile.

Impromptu Photo Session

So I was walking around Babies R' Us yesterday after our yoga class, when I was approached by a student photographer in training who asked if she could take pictures of Violet. She had to practice on "test subjects" for 3 months before she could get a job with the photography studio. She promised me a free 8 x 10. I said okay!!

Violet was sleeping and I was a little worried about waking her up. Miraculously, after rubbing her eyes and doing a series of stretches, Violet was the happiest child. EVER. Seriously, they propped her up and she had no qualms. She smiled all pretty for the camera and LOVED the "big girl" poses they put her in. I was DYING of laughter.

Soo, I promise one day we will take "real" and "scheduled" photography pictures but this one is going to have to do for the time being...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Violet *heart* Giovanni

Auntie Carmelina came and visited with her little boy Giovanni!! If you can recall, their first encounter wasn't as the future in-laws had predicted.

Is this flirting Violet? Daddy wouldn't be happy to see this...

Giovanni professing his undying love to Violet... However, he's faced the wrong way.

Violet responds with, "Do you want to see my belly?"

And the happy couple walk off into the beautiful sunset... Well, they will when they learn to walk.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend at Mimi's and Pop's

Joe with his big sister April. Blonde Joey has a baby now!

The boys hangin out, watchin the derby.

Mimi and Joe HAVE THE SAME EXACT SMILE. I just noticed it now.

Maddie showing off her piano skills. Later on that evening, Uncle Joe "Heart and Soul"-ed it with her.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Violet.

Violet is practicing her Kung-Fu moves just in case she gets cast as the lead role in Chinese movies. Michelle Yeoh, watch out!! She's coming for your job!!

Finn vs. Violet Round Two

The look on both of their faces is-- "Fight? We're supposed to fight? I would rather not."

Violet kickin' it with her cousin Finn.

Finn making sure that the pillows are comfy.

Okay, now they're ready for pictures.

Deliriously happy, Violet slides down for what she hopes is her better angle.

Give me a V!

Finn is checkin out Violet's poses.

This is so much fun!

We decided at the end that the babies were in such a good mood that we would try to flip them onto their stomachs and get pictures on Mimi's pillows. This was the end result.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Eleven Weeks

We left for Tampa on Tuesday because Uncle Den needed shoulder surgery. Here is Uncle Den holding his niece prior to the big day.

Hanging out at the house Mommy grew up in.

Okay, so Auntie Ana has been over to visit MANY times but we hadn't gotten a "formal" picture till now.

Fun times to be had by all! We were able to see Aunt Amanda and Uncle Kelsey in the few minutes that they had to spare. They are definitely movers and shakers!

Violet's eyes were glued to the TV. Note the neck range she's developed.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ten Weeks

Game designer in her future? Graphic artist? Software engineer? Or just a gamer? We definitely do know that she loves WOW.

We went to Lakeland on Friday to meet Luke! He's roughly 7 months and totally handsome. The moment Violet saw Luke, she smiled from ear to ear...

Uh-oh Giovanni... It seems to be a case of outta-sight, outta mind for you little guy... Don't hold it against her-- she's only 10 weeks old.

This is what 7 month babies do to your hair. Please note that my roommate from junior year of college, Mandy (go Gators!!), had just cut off her hair that Wednesday.

Take two!! Here's a better shot. Violet just didn't want to take her eyes off of Luke and his handsome outfit. His overalls had little crustaceans on them.