Monday, February 16, 2009

Thailand 2009

We made it here safely. Violet was a champ on the airplane. We didn't buy her a seat but got lucky in that most of our flights weren't full and we were able to score her a free seat on the plane! YEY! To top that off, we had brought along her carseat. I didn't even have to hold her most of the time (thankfully because she's really squirmy these days).

It took about a week for Violet to get over her jet lag. It was a miserable week because my mom's hand is gimpy these days and can't hold Violet for longer than a few minutes. My mother is also a champion sleeper so she slept for the entire week Violet had jet lag. I was tired, came close to tears many times but now that she's over it, I'm starting to plan our next trip back.

Violet was reluctant to eat solids in the States. In Thailand, however, she eats everything. She's loving her solids-- rice porridge (congee), Thai doughnuts (pa tong koe), egg tofu, soup, etc. She's been quite the porker. I think that her thighs have gotten bigger since we arrived.

Her favorite past time here it to pull a kleenex out of the box and proceed to rip the sheet of kleenex into teeny tiny pieces. Coincidentally, this is also Skooter's favorite pasttime so I'm quite used to the clean-up.

Violet's features are definitely more towards her father's. People in Thailand have been asking me who's "farang" baby I have. Farang, for those of you that don't know, is the Thai word for European. I tell them that she's my daughter and they laugh and say, "Wow! She doesn't look Thai at all." I wonder if this is going to be an identity crisis issue for her when she gets older...

Over all though, my family has LOVED meeting Violet. She's met her great grandmother, and a ton of Yays and Thaas (Grandmas and Grandpas), & Loongs and Paas (Uncles and Aunts).

I've learned that she likes men more than she likes women. She will readily go to a man with open arms (especially if that man has facial hair) than go to a woman (I think Santa Claus was the first man she met with facial hair. She's been quite attracted to men like that since).

We have exactly two weeks left here before we head back on to an airplane for 27 hours. I have been taking pictures and will post them up when I'm not on a dial-up. I'm sure I'll have more stories by the next post.