Saturday, May 28, 2011

Auntie Sylvia Visits for the 2nd Time!

Every time Sylvia comes to visit, I have a new 4 or 5 month old kid. The last time she came, Violet was a wee tot. We were still living in our town home in Orlando. Now she visited us in our new-to-her Sebago home. We love that Auntie Sylvia makes the trip all the way from San Diego to meet new members of the Russo Team. Introducing-- Natalie! The most mellow baby on the face of this Earth. She's also bald. Have I mentioned that before?

We went to the Florida Aquarium. Here is Sylvia teaching Violet about all the aquatic animals.

Does Natalie want milk from the mermaid?!

And here is Auntie Sylvia, showing Violet how important equestrian skills are in life.

During Auntie Sylvia's trip, we learned news that would change our Orlando lifestyle forever. Daddy was laid off of his job in Orlando. This was the 2nd round of lay-offs and it sounded like the company was going to close it doors very soon.... Fortunately he hated his job. Fortunately our family was very supportive of our transition. AND, thankfully Daddy was already in talks with a company in Atlanta, GA. And thus, a new chapter in our lives was just beginning.