Monday, May 30, 2011

Epcot with Auntie Sylvia

Hanging out in the double stroller going to Epcot. Thank goodness we got a double stroller because whatever Natalie was sitting in, Violet better be sitting in it too.

Violet looking at the birds at Epcot.

Violet was dancing on the musical light-up squares at the Figment ride.

Yai came to Epcot too!

Natalie was an angel the entire day.

Violet colored a mask at the Kidcot booths all around Epcot. We were in Japan. The Kidcot booths are sponsered by Sharpie. Though, I personally don't think that it's such a great idea to have young kids playing with Sharpie Permanent Markers... Maybe that's just me.

In order to get Violet to ride in the stroller so we could go home, I busted out my secret weapon-- the lollipop. She was so tired that she fell asleep with the lollipop in her mouth :).