Thursday, August 19, 2004

An investment for the future

I never used facial cleansers or moisturizers. I never washed my face before bedtime or even splashed it with water to make it sure it was hydrated. My thought was always-- hey, if it ain't broke (read: no pimples/acne), don't fix it. But man, times are changing. Because of my part-time job as a server, my hands are always getting dirty from handling plates and glasses. And, because I have short hair, my hands are always touching my face to push back the hair that is always falling into my eyes. So *poof*, I have pimples.

Today I decided to invest in skin care products. The only problem is, in order for my skin to get better, it has to get worse. That's right. For a few weeks, I have to tough it out with SUPER RED, SHINY pimples (even bigger than the ones that I have right now!) growing in every which crevice of my face while my skin goes through a "detox" phase. I am no longer Vim. For the next few weeks, you can call me pizza face.

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