Thursday, May 26, 2005

To and from Thailand

Greetings! I am back on the west coast of the United States. I decided against blogging in Thailand because I only had access to dial-up. I will try to sum up my trip now.
It's hot in Thailand. Just in case you haven't been there in early-late May-- it's damn hot. Joe, my mother, Vikki, and I visited many, many places that probably would have been more pleasant if heat wasn't a factor. For example, we decided that we should take the driving tour of around many places (Ayutthaya, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha [though, I must admit, it's hard to see the Temple with huge, white walls, blocking your view], and many more). That's right, no hiking for us. We had hiked one day at the beginning of our trip and decided that staying in an air-conditioned car was much more pleasant.
Opps, gotta go. Will finish up later.

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