Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big News

Joe and I had an AMAZING time in Thailand. We were gone for a total of 3 weeks and visited Suphan Buri, Bangkok, Cambodia, and Krabi (the south portion of Thailand). Great times to be had!!

The first two pictures that I am going to post are from Cambodia. The country exceeded my expectations. We were only there for a full day (we spent a weekend there. Friday: we traveled from Bangkok to Cambodia. Saturday: we spent going to various temples. Sunday: we spent traveling back). Joe and I LOVED Cambodia and we loved the children we met. They could rattle on facts about where you were from. For instance, they knew the capital of California AND the population!! How many children here know information like that?

Anyways, the reason for my post isn't actually my trip. Joe and I just got back late Thursday night. I checked my phone messages Friday morning and I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN CLASSROOM!! Yey! Mason Elementary's principal called to tell me that they were creating an extra 4th grade class and that they want me to teach it! I was (am) so excited. I'm still jet-lagged so I haven't been able to process it that much but I start setting up my classroom this Wednesday! AH!!!

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Lindsay said...

hello, vimmy! just a note to say hey; looks like you haven't updated in a few months, so how am i supposed to know what you're up to? i hope teaching is going swimmingly; email me or leave me a note with how you are :)