Sunday, October 26, 2008

Florida Girl stops by Orlando before moving to London.

Florida Girl, aka Jen, and her husband Chris (we all went to high school together and then college) stopped by Orlando before their big move to London. I can't believe that they're leaving us stateside but there are many journeys to be conquered abroad... I'll just have to live vicariously through her blog. We're going to miss you guys! Come back and visit often, k?

Violet was striking her "DJ Violet" pose for the Kodak moment.

Aunt Jason, Uncle Phil, and Uncle Mark were also in Orlando (playing hooky from work might I add) to go to Halloween Horror Nights. Jen and Chris went too. I was too big of a wuss to go... So we had breakfast the next morning instead. Sadly Joe missed our high school reunion (Jason and Phillip were in our graduating class at Plant too!) because he was responsible and went to work.

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Jen said...

DJ V on the one's and two's... I am SO glad we got to see you and baby V!! Too bad Joe is so responsible ; ) Then again one of you has to make the mortgage payment!!! I will write once we arrive in the Big City.