Thursday, December 04, 2008

Working off the extra Thanksgiving calories.

The puppies had a treat on Thanksgiving because they got to eat turkey! Most of you know that Joe and I don't feed our dogs table scraps or people food-- but it was our first Thanksgiving that we've been in Tampa (technically Brandon, we were over at Joe's mother's house). They were deserving of a treat! :)

Ana B was dubbed the personal trainer of the dogs. This is them on a break from their intense workout.

Will ate most of all. So we put him on the swing set. Burn those calories. Swing those legs.

Will is a size large.

Medium Maddie ate too-- but not nearly as much!

Small Kate ate so much that she couldn't even crack a smile.

Extra-small Violet over-indulged at the feast that her belly barely allowed the swing to snap shut.

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