Friday, March 06, 2009

How we spent our time in Suphan.

Because GGM isn't the quickest on her feet, she would sit on her chair (please note that it's a "vintage" airplane chair from Thai Airways... ha ha) and offer Violet food. In the picture, she's offering Violet some dried persimmons.

Violet learned about the art of napping in Suphan...

I remember the first time I took Joe over to Suphan, I taught him about "nap time." Nap time would always take place after a meal in Suphan. Joe initially thought that I was joking around until he saw everyone pull out a mat to sleep on after lunch one day. Joe (Mr. I don't take naps) took a nice long nap that day. It's a fine art that must be mastered while in Suphan... Or else you'll be up by yourself.

Violet plays with a straw.

Violet's collection of mosquito bites. I took a picture because the pattern reminded me of the 5 side on dice.

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