Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dinner at Chef Mickey's

By far, my favorite dinner with Violet was the dinner we had at the Contemporary Hotel at Chef Mickey's. That night, we had dinner with Chek and his wife Tiya, their daughter Elsa, and Chek's mom, Pa'Saowanee. We had a great time meeting all of the characters. Violet was on cloud nine. She couldn't get enough of all of the characters.

She jumped right out of her high chair and gave hugs and kisses to all of the characters.

My heart melted as she met all of the characters.

Hopefully the characters had a wonderful time meeting little Baby V too.

This is a close-up of Violet giving Minnie Mouse a kiss. Note how she has Minnie's nose in her hand to prevent Minnie from pulling back from her kiss! ha ha. Violet cracks me up.

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