Monday, April 18, 2005

root canal

That's right. I had my FIRST root canal today. My mouth is still numb so I am unable to write about the pain. But I anticipate it. I have a prescription for pain meds. Will get them immediately filled.

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deardeedle said...

Ooooh. Root canals can suck.

I had the longest root canal in history. [It took them 8 months of visits to finish. But that was mostly a crown problem.] Anyway - I didn't have any pain once they finished the canal, as they removed all the nerves that can cause pain.

But the first visit they could only do half, and I went back home with a temp filling. And after two days I had pain unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. I think I would have rather given birth. And nothing made it stop. Just as I was about to have someone take me to the hospital, my friend gave me half a vicadin. [sp?] GOD those things are magical.

Moral of the story, root canals - if done by a dentist that knows his stuff - don't hurt. But do get your scripts filled, and keep them close at hand.

Good luck! I'm sending well wishes your way!

Deedle [PS - You don't know me. But I'm a friend of Ms. Muscato's]