Friday, June 20, 2008

Mommy & Me Yoga

Yesterday I decided to take Violet to our first Mommy & Me yoga class. It's a yoga class for postpartum women who want to stretch but don't want to leave their babies at home. During the class, you're more than welcome to nurse your child, change diapers, have a cooing baby or even a crying baby. It's an open atmosphere with lots of moms.

Susan, the yoga instructor, started the class by volunteering her arms to hold your baby if your baby was taking up more of your time than yoga. Violet did a great job for the first third of the class. Susan noticed Violet's fussiness and scooped her up to allow me to do some stretches. Instantaneously, Violet was in yoga heaven. She was in love with Susan. As Susan walked up and down the room checking out the different yoga poses of the different moms, Violet dangled from her arm with the biggest smile.

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