Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ten Weeks

Game designer in her future? Graphic artist? Software engineer? Or just a gamer? We definitely do know that she loves WOW.

We went to Lakeland on Friday to meet Luke! He's roughly 7 months and totally handsome. The moment Violet saw Luke, she smiled from ear to ear...

Uh-oh Giovanni... It seems to be a case of outta-sight, outta mind for you little guy... Don't hold it against her-- she's only 10 weeks old.

This is what 7 month babies do to your hair. Please note that my roommate from junior year of college, Mandy (go Gators!!), had just cut off her hair that Wednesday.

Take two!! Here's a better shot. Violet just didn't want to take her eyes off of Luke and his handsome outfit. His overalls had little crustaceans on them.

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