Friday, January 23, 2009


Sorry about the delay. I have Christmas pictures. I have New Year pictures. I even have silly pictures. Why aren't I posting them? It's because my computer's hard drive is full and I can't upload anymore pictures. I'm waiting for Joe to have some free time to help me clear up some space... Unfortunately he's been working 7 days a week for a few months now and barely has time to breathe (Monday-Saturday... but on Saturdays he works till 3 am... so that's 7 days). So I'm not going to pester him.

New news on Baby V... Violet is crawling. She likes to bark like a dog (way to go Benson and Skooter!). She has 5 teeth (2 bottom, 3 top). She loves to watch the Eebee (think Einstein Baby) DVD. She likes to talk, whisper, and scream (usually all in 1 minute). She can stand on her own but will walk only if she has something to hold on to. She likes to open cabinets and pull stuff out (Yay's personal favorite). She doesn't like to stay still for her diaper changes. She still loves our daily walks and loves to wave at people she recognizes. Violet particularly loves men... men with facial hair! She will flirt like no other. She loves other kids and will "talk" to them.

Because Joe's schedule has been hectic and ticket prices were cheap, Yay and I have decided to take Violet to Thailand to meet her great-grandmother (on my side of course...) and a slew of other Thai family. My grandmother still has her senses and so I wanted them to spend quality time together because we don't know what the future will hold. Joe has been working so much anyways that we don't get to see much of him even while we're here. Sooo, hopefully by the time we get back from Thailand, Joe's game will be done and we can all relax as a family for a while. Our trip is going to be for a month. We leave February 2. So if you don't hear from until March, you know why...

We're doing good. I have pictures... I need to catch up. I hope you all are doing well too!!

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Serena said...

Have a fabulous time in Thailand! We saw a baby yesterday who is a 16 months. He likes to crawl around and carry stuff in his mouth like a dog! Tell Violet she needs to work on that trick!