Friday, April 24, 2009

Slow with the pictures, I will recap our current events.

In an attempt to keep all of my pictures chronological, I have been bad about posting...

Violet walks! She started walking Thursday, March 19th-- right after her 1st birthday. I came home from work and she was walking down the hallway towards me. Now that I think about it, it feels like she's always been walking...She loves to walk and unfortunately has walking scars on her knees from her many mishaps.

We spent a weekend in Boca Grande with Joe's side of the family (Mimi & Pop, April and her family, Bo, and us)-- it was awesome. The boys went fishing and girls maxed and relaxed at the beach (it was windy and the sand was kicking up... it felt like little bugs biting legs... babies crying... that part was not so awesome...)

My uncle, aunt, and two cousins (Na Hol, Na Kai, Cookie, and Kookik) came from Thailand. They stayed with us for about two weeks and we had a great time! We went to theme parks, flea markets, and outlets.

Shayna came from Maine right after my family left and we had a fab time as well. It's always nice to have friends visit (hint, hint). She got some bonding time with Baby V and we got to celebrate her birthday at the Animal Kingdom. I must say that we missed the "boat" the first time we went to the Animal Kingdom because we didn't see any animals. I think that we got see a ton of animals and then some. Good times all around :).

Pictures to come so stay tuned!

Congrats to Serena and Isaac for having a baby girl :)!!! I can't wait to hear more details... Hopefully you'll start posting again? :)

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