Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Day Hanging Out with GGM and Grandpa Russo

GGM thinks that Violet is a spitting image of her when she was a baby. Can you see the resemblance?

The trick to getting three Russos in a picture is having the youngest one sit in the wheelchair of the oldest one.

Sorry if I squished you Grandma.

It's the annual money giveaway.

After an action-packed weekend in Atlanta, Violet was pooped on the way home.

(She LOVES to sleep with her hands behind her head. I think it's adorable. I just want to tickle her underarms. I resist of course... but I still want to.)


Nae said...

This sleeping picture with her arms behind is so adorable and funny :D

Josh, Mandy, Luke, & Noah said...

Luke totally sleeps like that in the car seat too! I am so sorry we missed you while you were here. I really want to go to the blahblah store now!