Monday, September 20, 2010

At Smathers Beach

Awaiting wedding festivities, we decided to take the family and hang out on the beach. Here is our group shot.

Violet had her daddy run to the ocean to get water so they could build sand castles. Violet didn't care for the ocean.

Violet hanging out with Daddy, her new buddy Liam, and Liam's grandmother. You can see our hotel in the background. We stayed at the Sheraton Suites and we LOVED it!

This was our beach set-up. The pop-up tent and umbrella were borrowed from Jen, our neighbor. Thanks Jen!

Fun fact about our trip: Our second night at the hotel, Natalie slept through the entire night! I was startled when I woke up in the morning before she did. Thankfully, one of the wedding guests was a pediatrician so I quizzed him to make sure that Natalie was well and healthy. She was. It was a miracle, our 7 1/2 week old was sleeping through the night!!

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