Monday, September 20, 2010

Jenny and Jeremy's Wedding

They got married right on the water. We sat in the back right corner so Violet could play in the sand. We sat behind Tara and Bill. Tara has a star tattoo on her back. Violet took one look at Tara's back and said, "Stars. Stars. STARS! Mole." I nearly lost it. Thank-goodness Tara has children of her own and good sense of humor!

The happy couple before they became Mr. and Mrs.

After the ceremony, Violet discovered the battery operated fan that I brought and used the wind to her advantage. She was so excited to see the fan move on it's own.

Natalie was in the sling and slept the entire ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding and the best part for us was that the girls were so tired by the time we made it to the reception that they both stayed asleep the entire time we were there. We actually got a chance to be adults without having the worry about our kids. Thanks for giving your mom and dad a break!

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