Sunday, November 04, 2007

21st week of pregnancy

Joe and I really wanted a minivan before we got pregnant. We always talked about how convenient and comfortable a minivan would be after driving around the maroon Toyota Sienna Deck had purchased for his mom a few years ago. BUT, since I got pregnant and the reality of buying a new car was in the horizon, I found myself reluctant. I didn't think that we were "old" enough for a minivan yet. I figured that a minivan would immediately age us by 10 years and we could kiss any "street cred" we had good-bye. I mean, c'mon, minivans are family cars... FAMILY CARS. Joe and I are married but when the word family comes to my mind, I think tired mothers and responsibility. I wasn't ready for that yet!

That was, not until recently. The reality of my pregnancy becomes more and more apparent to me and the whole world with every passing day. I'm showing now. I have a belly and it's round and firm. I actually got my first unsolicited, "Are you pregnant?" comment from a Forever 21 sales girl on Friday. She said that I "glowed." Bless her little young soul...

So who am I kidding? Family is staring at me in the face. My belly can no longer be ignored (especially when she kicks, punches, and jabs). I look at the belly and it appears to be speaking to me. It says, "Look lady, you're going to have me soon enough. You know the minivan is what I want. Suck it up. You have to be practical and responsible now. Do what is best for your family."

So yesterday, Joe and I decided to go car shopping. Our intent was to test drive the car and scope out the bells and whistles before we committed to buying anything. We ended driving home in a champagne colored Toyota Sienna.

The Russo's are a minivan family.

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Kizmo said...

MiniVANNNNNNS!! :) They are the gateway to awesomeness. Congrats on your new purchase. I thought it was actually pretty rad when we got to hop in it the other day. Minivans have come a long way baby!! :P