Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Packing while pregnant

Usually when I pack my clothes, it's a big debacle. Should I pack this? Might I wear that? Would I wear this to that? It turns into a constant back-and-forth in my head. I end up packing a quarter of my clothes, donating another quarter to Goodwill, and leaving half of my closet still full because I've fully convinced myself that I "might" wear those pieces before the big move.

I discovered yesterday, however, that packing clothes while in the latter half of your 2nd trimester is glorious! Because I can't fit my clothes anymore, I just packed everything! I didn't have many things to donate because last spring, I had already gone through my clothes and donated about 7-8 garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill. The clothes that now remain in my closet are my maternity clothes that I don't have that much of! No fuss, no muss!

I'm leaving all the heavy lifting and shuffling around of boxes to Joe. He's been a trooper.

The packing is coming along nicely. We've cleaned out the garage and now are working on the "junk/computer" room of the house. We're still working on finding an actual place to move into but have my brother and Greg working on contacting some rentals for us. Joe's mom and his brother will go house-hunting for us on Friday and hopefully we'll know where we will live in just a few short days. You gotta love family.

Anyways, I hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I plan on gorging myself with all sorts of food so stay tuned for more pictures :). Gobble gobble!

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