Thursday, November 15, 2007

eBay woes

Inspired by Annemarie, I decided that I should slowly start selling off my expansive purse collection on eBay. For my first item, I decided to put up a USED Louis Vuitton handbag up for sale. I bought the purse online about 2 years ago. The lady I bought it from said that it was real. I wasn't holding my breath on it being the real thing because I got it for less than market value. I set the bidding to $49.99 and watched the bidding go up as the days went by. I didn't think that I would make more than $60. Yesterday, I checked my item and saw that the buyers had bidded my purse up to $455.00. Holy moly.

Yesterday, I decided to take the post down because as Joe said, "Someone obviously believes that it's real." Also, my pictures didn't pick up on the blemishes that I talked about in my description as well as I hoped it would. So thanks to advice from Amanda and Kacey, I tinkered around with my camera functions and found a setting that took better pictures of the purse. I relisted the purse today and added more detail in my description.

If it still goes for $455 by the end, I won't take the auction off. I will happily accept the money and be done with it. If it goes for $25, I will feel a-okay too because I just want to sell it already.

Karma's a bitch. I don't want to piss off karma right before we move and before our my baby is born :).

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