Sunday, May 04, 2008

Six-Seven Weeks (cont.)

Pa'First came to Orlando just to spend time with Violet this weekend. The next time she visits her niece, Violet will probably be in the crawling/walking phase!

She's got her beanie on and is ready to go out on a walk with mom, dad, and the puppies.

Even in Yai's arms, Violet likes to sleep with her hands by her face.

Tummy Time is enjoyable in short spurts. We happened to capture one of the rare moments.

You can't see it but Violet is actually making funny faces at me. Daddy was taking the picture.

Joe and I think this picture is hilarious. This picture simply doesn't need a caption. It speaks for itself.

More tummy time fun!

Violet had her first official "social" outing yesterday. Joe and I were invited to his co-workers apartment for a BBQ. We dressed Violet in some of her best clothes (please note the awesomeness of the tomato pockets) and took these pictures before we left.

She's loving life, swinging her arms around in the air.

Happy Violet discovers her wide range of arm movements.

Check me out!

Practicing her arm signals in case her turning lights ever malfunction on her car. It's never too early to practice safety.

I love this little girl soo much.

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