Wednesday, May 27, 2009

During their visit...

My family from Thailand was here for about two and a half weeks. Since my mom, Violet, and I had just left Thailand a few weeks prior to their arrival, Violet was VERY excited to see my two young cousins again. My two young cousins couldn't have been happier entertaining Violet, which in turn made me the happiest of all.

One of their favorite activities with Violet was to put her in the toy wicker basket and swing her from side to side. It's been almost two months now and Violet still climbs into the basket. I know Violet misses them.

One day, we went to Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios). I wasn't entirely sold on how Violet would react because the theme park had a bunch of shows... I was very excited when Violet LOVED all of the shows and stayed really quiet and alert for everything.

Here is a picture of Kookik, Cookie, Na Kai, and Violet waiting for the Playhouse Disney Show.

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