Sunday, May 24, 2009

She walks!

The day before we left for our trip to Boca Grande (Thursday, March 19th), Baby V finally became a toddler. She started walking!! For real walking, none of that walking a few steps and fall flat on her face stuff. We're talking the real deal now.

I came home from work and Baby V, eer, I mean, Toddler V saw me and walked down the hallway to greet me. You know, just like she had been walking her entire life. I was floored. I couldn't believe how fast it took for her to go from fumbling walking to REALLY walking.

Finn who had been walking for a while by that point (at least a month), had been having all the walking fun. Now Toddler V could join in as well.

She was getting into everything.

Finley tried to make the Butler Frog work a little harder by adding on some extra weight to his tray.

Violet got curious to Uncle Bo was microwaving. Turkey bacon?

Exploration is fun.

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