Saturday, May 23, 2009

Violet turns 1!!

Reflecting back on the year, we've learned that Violet likes to eat balloons-- mylar balloons...

Just a few of our guests... Here's Jen and Golf!! You can see their little boy (Bryce) on the bottom right hand corner. Jen was pregnant at the time but isn't pregnant anymore. They welcomed another baby boy named Parker just two weeks ago!! Congrats!! (I must apologize again with the late posts).

Baby V hanging out with Uncle Den on the swings at Picnic Island. It was a beautiful day spent with some awesome people. It was Baby V's best birthday ever!!

Violet wasn't walking at this point yet so I plopped her down on the sand. You can see her BF Giovanni looking at her thinking, "She should really stand... It gets rid of sandy diaper butt."

Smash cake!! The smash was a success with the assistance of Uncle Den. hee hee. Thanks to everyone who came!!

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