Sunday, September 05, 2004

In and around Florida

Just like recent hurricanes, I, too, will be in and around Florida. My dates of arrival and departure are actually scheduled though. I will be flying the dreaded America West Airlines because it's the cheapest flight I could find online right now (I had a bad incident with them when I went to Las Vegas two years ago). My plan was initially to fly in and out of Tennessee but it appears that I will be making a road trip to Tennessee from Atlanta with my brother and co. for my cousin's wedding (by the way, I can't believe us "kids" are old enough to get married). Then we will be driving back down through Hot-lanta and onward to good ole Tampa Bay. We're going to arrive in Tampa on Monday, October 18. I leave for the west coast again on October 26. That's right kids, I will be there a WHOLE week.

I know I was just home. But I am going home again. See you there :).

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