Sunday, September 12, 2004

Through the Grapevine

When I was at work on Friday, an older lady was telling me about her experiences in Thailand as a young, white female back in the 60's (in case you were wondering, she was traveling around Southeast Asia studying architecture). This one was my favorite story.

One day, she waiting for a friend in a hotel lobby in Southern Thailand. Her friend was running late so this lady decided to take a seat on one of the lobby room couches. Then, out of no where, she felt a hand come from behind her. This hand cupped her right breast. She was very shocked and incredibly mortified. She couldn't believe that someone would disrepect her like that at a very reputable hotel. Immediately, she turned around to scold the accuser when she realized that the "hand" wasn't a hand at all but rather the trunk of a baby elephant. The King's procession was walking by and a little elephant thought that he could be fresh with her.

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testypea said...

how bestial... lol