Sunday, October 31, 2004

Harrah's Casino, the scariest place on Earth

This Halloween was the scariest Halloween I have ever had. Ever. I just got back home and still a little freaked out by it all. It started off as just your typical day but by night fall, it just got weird. Crazy weird. Okay, so I may be exaggerating just a tad bit but still... I guess you can be the judge.

My brother was in town this weekend on his way to Thailand (took a weekend layover in LA) so I drove up to LA yesterday, hung out with him and our family friend, Chai. That night, we drove back to San Diego, had dinner with Joe (who has been working until midnight this entire week), came back home watched TV and fell asleep. Normal, right?

Today was normal too. Drove my brother, Chai, and his girlfriend Paula around San Diego, had dimsum, went shopping. So we come home later and Chai suggests gambling. Whatever, I am not a big gambler at all but he had driven all the way down from LA and if he wanted to gamble, we will gamble (or well, I will watch them gamble). So we mapquest directions to a casino called Harrah's. It's about 25 miles NE of where I live. Mapquest said that it would take us 45 minutes but realistically, when you drive 25 miles it only takes you 20 minutes. We just thought that Mapquest was calculating the drive for slow people.

Anyways, it's about nightfall by this point, we had left the house and had already driven over 45 minutes. We still weren't there yet. It was the farthest away from civilization that I have ever gone since I moved to San Diego. There were no street lights, tiny TINY tiny street signs and STEEP ass edges of mountain that I had to drive up. There were moments when I stopped breathing while I was driving up the mountain because I really thought that I was going to die. I had images of me, my brother, Chai, Paula, and my little car falling off the cliff, plummeting to our fatal end. And the thing was, the farther up we drove, the more we realized how screwed over the American Indians are. Shit. I can barely drive up the mountain and these Indians had to walk up the mountain to make it to their new "home." Goodness. Andrew Jackson was the biggest jackass ever.

Anyways, it took us about an hour and few wrong turns but we finally made it. Mapquest should have warned us why they had calculated the "extra" time in. I can tell you why now-- it was because we had to drive up Mount Everest, that's why. I had to catch my breath again because I stopped breathing more than once while driving up that mountain. lol.

The casino itself was even scarier. Out in the middle of nowhere on top of this mountain was a HUGE ass casino filled with blinking lights promising gold and fortune if you played ______ (blackjack? craps? slots?). My first thought was-- Harrah's, the scariest place on earth. Then so many questions popped into my head as we entered... Why were there so many Asians? How did the Asians get up there? How long have they been there? Who has been playing the longest with no sleep? What's the appeal?

Suffice it to say, this is my first and last trip to Harrah's. ha ha ha. I made my brother drive back down because I was scared that I would start hyperventilating again. lol. I was feeling like the casino stole a bit of my soul but i'm okay now. I am whole again. hee hee.

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