Sunday, October 03, 2004

I should be doing homework

I found a little 411 on Sea Monkeys... For those of you interested in purchasing them as pets, here are a few discouraging sentiments. Mind you, this is directly quoted from a Sea Monkey owner off of

"1. SPILLS- I spilled water out of the two holes in the top by accident. BE AWARE. Walk slowly when they're in your hands.
2. FIGHTS- Sea Monkeys can sometimes fight over who gets the girl. Sometimes they fight over the death!! I haven't seen this happen yet, but I don't like the sound of it. I think they start to fight about... 4 weeks after they are born.
3. SEA DIAMONDS- Ah! I hate these Sea Diamonds. A few days ago I put some Sea Diamonds in the aquarium, thinking they would get excersise and have some fun. But I was wrong! First of all, the diamonds are huge. I think I crushed some Sea Monkeys when I added the diamonds in. Second of all, the Sea Monkeys are not interested in them at all...
4. AERATE- Some websites told me to mix more air in the aquarium. They told me to blow INTO A STRAW to give oxygen to them. I think I sucked some SM algae stuff down my throat..."

She neglected to add that she probably also swallowed Sea Monkeys during her aeration process.

Man, I really should be doing my homework.

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