Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Long Beach Aquarium

Just in case you can’t read the caption-- "Male sheephead are territorial; each protects a harem of females. When a male dies, the dominant female in the harem changes into a male..." You would think that the Aquarium would have a shock-alert next to these types of captions or at least a clause somewhere saying that some captions may cause possible heart-attack.

Imagine that?! One day, you're shopping with your little female Sheephead buddies for a new handbag; the next day, you're making sure that your same buddies (now known as bitches) don't slut around to any other female changing males. Hmm...

Maybe this post will teach you all who don't read captions in museums and aquariums to read them next time. You'll never know what you might learn from them...
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