Monday, October 15, 2007

I was in a F-15E yesterday.

Huh? What? Planes? Yes, I know very little about planes but had a crash-course in plane-ing yesterday thanks to Phillip.

Joe, Phillip, and I all went to high school together and now, Phillip flies jet planes (the F-15E) for the Air Force. Holy crap. Anyways, he was at the Miramar Air Show over the weekend and invited us (via Jason, his twin brother-- who was my high school prom date) to get VIP treatment at the Air Show. We got access to all the planes (even the restricted ones that were taped off to lowly civilians!), meet pilots, eat free food, and sit in "special blocked off seating." It was super fun but my ears (and legs) hurt by the time we left. Here are some pictures... (I must admit, I'm getting better with this whole picture thing aren't I? ;)).

Joe actually got to climb into the backseat of Phillip's jet but couldn't touch anything because the controls were active. The ejector seat was working and one wrong button push from Joe and out of the plane he goes!
Phillip actually got to fly his plane all the way over from North Carolina. The empty missile Phillip has his hand on is where they store their luggage... golf clubs, clothes, and whatnot.
Phillip is a demo pilot who is PAID to perform stunts for Air Shows for the next two years. That means no overseas deployment during that time. Yey! Thanks again Phillip for a great time :).

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