Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kauai Pictures

It's taken me a while to finally upload our vacation pictures from Kauai. I think that I was inspired by Kevin and Jenn when I talked to them earlier this week. Kev mentioned that they were going through vacation pictures and actually printing them out. Not just uploading mind you, but PRINTING... They're actually making tangible pictures and I haven't even been bothered as to so much as upload Joe and I's vacation pictures on my computer. Anyways, when I woke up this morning, I decided, today is the day. Carpe diem, damn it.

We spent 9 (or was it 10 days) in Kauai in August. We had planned the trip back in April when Kev and Jenn were in town visiting, before I got pregnant. Joe and I bought a ton of travel books and decided that we were going to hike, kayak, catamaran, and do whatever outdoor activities they had in store for us. Oh wait? What was that? That's right. I was suffering from the first trimester blues (nausea, vomiting) that by the time we made it to Kauai, I didn't want to do much of anything except sleep. Every other day, Joe and I went to the beach with Jenn and Kev but mostly laid low... VERY, VERY low. We'd sleep in and wouldn't leave the condo until noon. We'd walk around the adjacent towns, pretend we were locals, and find some Hawaiian Shave Ice (SHAVE, not shaved, there is a difference). Then we'd come back, play games (Bohnanza!), and go to bed.

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

There are a ton of chickens on the island. This was just one of many!

Stupid thrill seekers, stay away from the cliffs. You wanna see the cliffs?

The drop from the top of this waterfall was well over 120 feet.

Don't worry, it was a virgin pina coloda.

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