Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Witch Creek Fire, Harris Fire, Rice Fire, oh so many more...

Don't worry! Joe and I are safe! We were close to the fire but not close enough to get evacuated.

Florence and Phong live up in 4S and came to our house as soon as they heard there was a fire and that it was in their neighborhood. They just bought and moved into their house a few months ago! They stayed at our house for a day and a night before leaving for LA yesterday. Joe and I have been making phone calls to check up on friends, making sure that they all have a place to stay. A friend of mine from the restaurant, who lives just a mile away from us, was evacuated from her apartment on Monday night. Joe's old house (KC, Kelsea, and Amanda still live there) was also evacuated. Everyone that I know that was evacuated hasn't had a major catastrophe yet. But, with that said, people are now just being allowed to slowly trickle back into the areas that burnt earlier this week.

The air quality in San Diego is poor. On Sunday, I smelt smoke in the air and thought that our neighbors were bbq-ing for football Sunday. When I went to close all the windows later that night, I noticed black ash had fallen into our house. I knew that a fire was near (Joe and I were here for the Cedar Fires four years ago. Basically, it was the same scene). Smoke had completely filled the air and ash was everywhere! It didn't smell like a bbq now, but more like we were standing right next to a campfire... Just imagine your entire neighborhood smelling that way...

The next morning, I went to sub for Joy's 4th grade class. The air was smokier than before and an orange-y color. Thirty minutes into school, the district decided to close all public schools so we scrambled to make phone calls home to have the kids picked up. It's pretty much been oddly chaotic and calm since that point. We've been plastered to the news, watching for any updates.

Phong, Florence, Joe, and I tried to pass time playing fun games like Bohnanza! and The Settlers of Cattan (if you like playing games, I HIGHLY recommend buying both of these games).

Joe and I spent Tuesday watching TV, waiting for news and updates. We tried to get our mind off of things and went to Barnes and Nobles (but it was closed), Babies'R'Us (we still haven't bought anything yet), Target (we bought our baby it's first book!) and had dinner over at Athena and John's house. It seems like weeks have gone by, but really... it's only Wednesday. School has been canceled the rest of the week. Joe's work is on a voluntary basis. Even though we're safe, I'm in a state of disbelief and shock. It's weird knowing that neighborhoods you often frequent are now burnt down.

So, to top off today's post, I decided to include this picture of this puppy in a hot dog bun. It always brings a smile to my face :).

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