Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our New House

So here is our first house-- after the big move over Labor Day weekend, I'm beginning to think that it's our last move as well. ha ha.

Was this house made for us? Why yes it was-- check out the doggie door to the backyard. Skooter LOVES the door!! Benson still needs to practice. He doesn't like that it swings.

This is just a part of backyard. We have almost a full acre of land.

Is this a crazy tree at an exhibit somewhere? NO! This is a tree in our backyard. And yes, that is a cactus that has grown and wrapped around it.

Our housewarming gift from our realtor. We love cookies :).


Serena said...

Sooo jealous you guys are living in your very own, very cute house. It looks fabulous! Congrats!!!!

Tara, Paul, Rebecca, and the dogs... said...

Your house is amazing! Congrats!! How are the allergies? Any better?

Jen said...

You and Violet look great! Average size baby and skinny momma! Congrats on the house and the crazy cactus tree in the backyard... maybe it is the tree that is freaking your mom out ; )