Sunday, September 28, 2008

We had dinner at Morocco.

Violet and Lobster Lou (he's the red thing that's sharing her high chair-- Lou is a gift from Maine from Auntie Shayna!) posing with the menu.

Violet was contemplating what she was going to order for dinner. She wanted to order lobster but just couldn't do that to Lou.

Did I mention that this was Violet's first time in a high chair? We decided to take TONS of picture to document the occasion.


Tara, Paul, Rebecca, and the dogs... said...

I might just be biased, but Violet is SOOOO cute!! She has the best smile!! You have one beautiful little girl- Daddy, you'd better prepare the "boyfriend speech" right now!!

Anonymous said...

You are hillarious! I think you need to be a comedy writer. Violet is looking cuter every day.