Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All Caught Up

My vows that I made to "catch-up" on my posts are now a reality! YEA! Starting now, pictures that are posted will be from the week's events. I am going to try my best to document as much as I can but as you all know, I forget to take pictures... thus no documentation. ha ha.

I officially entered my 30's on Friday. It wasn't painful at all and I actually enjoy being 30 (at this point in time I do at least).

Violet had her 15 month check-up at the doctor on Monday. She's 24.6 lbs and 30 1/2 inches. She falls in the 75%-ile for weight and 50 %-ile for height. Developmentally, she's doing great. Dr. Marcus suggests that Violet's pigeon-toed walk and bow legs aren't permanent but something she will outgrow by the age of 3 or 4 (unless her genes dictate otherwise... which may be the case with the bow legs). And despite the fact that she only says two words consistently, Dr. Marcus contributes it to the fact that she hears two languages at home.

What is Violet up to? Well, babycenter.com sent me my weekly update and it hit the nail right on the head.

Doing errands around town is harder than ever with a pint-size explorer in tow. Being strapped down in a car seat or stroller is the last place your toddler wants to be: Expect an earful — usually accompanied by an arched back and flailing arms and legs — when it's time to buckle up. This is partly because about 90 percent of all toddlers are walking by now (late walkers will catch up in the next month or two), which means they'd much rather be practicing their footwork than sitting still.


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