Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frogina Love x 2

Frogina # 2 and #3 have arrived in the mail. Scared that Violet wouldn't take to her new found friends (because they aren't the original...), I decided to introduce Frogina #2 to Violet while she still had Frogina #1.


It was pretty cute because I gave her the new one and she played with her like she did her old one. Then I gave her the old one too and she did a double take. If only I had it recorded on film.

This is Violet "breaking in" Frogina #2. Gotta chew on the eyes to make them nice and gray.

We decided to do before and after photos... So this is the before shot of Frogina #2. We'll do an after shot in a few months to see the progression.

I am pleased to admit that Violet will sleep with either/or, or sometimes both! We decided to hide Frogina #3... She will be the spare if (heaven forbid) something happen to #1 and #2.

Violet certainly loves her frogs.

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