Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lamaze Class Part 1

Out of the 7 couples in our Lamaze Class, 6 are expecting a little girl. The 7th couple want to keep it a surprise (girls everywhere!). Two couples want to have a "natural birth" (read: no epidurals or meds to help alleviate pain) and the youngest couple just adopted a puppy Weimaraner (what are they thinking?).

Joe and I went into our weekend long Lamaze class with low expectations-- so low that we had made a pact that we would "haul ass" if it turned out to be mind-numbing. Turns out, it depends on who is teaching your Lamaze class and her ability to crack jokes. Our Lamaze nurse said that every time you celebrate your child's birthday, all the good AND bad things that your husband/coach did on the day of delivery will repeat itself in story-telling form. For example, if the coach does something good, Mom will retell the stories and Coach gets "bonus points with interest." However on the flip side-- while in the midst of the strongest contractions, women like to blame men for "what he did" to her. Our Lamaze nurse suggested to the husbands that labor and delivery was not the time to remind her that it takes two to make a child.

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