Monday, March 24, 2008

One Week

Striking a pose while sleeping in the car seat. Who knew that she would love the seat so much?
Asleep in Mommy's arms.
Violet with her "arranged" future husband, Giovanni. This was their first meeting. I hope that future meetings will go better.
Apparently I can't rotate pictures... This is Violet with her Yay (Yay in Thai means maternal grandmother). We were trying out a theory that babies like to be swaddled and then flipped to their side. Do you think she likes it?
Violet's first meeting with her cousin Finn. They have matching scrubs thanks to Mimi!!
Ooooh! Getting sleepy.
She likes to smile right before dozing off.
We got a Cookie Bouquet from Joe's work :). It was not only cute to look at but fun to eat.

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Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute!!! Look at all that hair. She is adorable!